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Gifted and Talented Program

Dubbo Public School

MICEE - Motivate, Inspire, Challenge, Engage and Enrich

Our school aims to identify gifts and foster talents within children, and provide teaching and learning opportunities for them to achieve their potential.

  • Enrichment of core curricula at all levels
  • Support for emotional and social needs
  • Specialised programs

Why do we need

Gifted and Talented Education?

  • The Dubbo Public School MICEE (Motivate, Inspire, Challenge, Engage and Enrich) program offers Gifted and Talented opportunities for selected students within a co-educational, comprehensive learning community
  • MICEE fosters a range of enriching learning experiences and academic endeavours
  • Differentiated curricula to facilitate imagination, abstraction, creativity and intuitive expression

"Crucial to the process of talent development

is the quality of the students' learning, training or practice." (Gagne, 1995)

What do gifted children NEED?

Understanding of ways in which to maximise their individual potential

  • Curriculum experiences that allow enriched learning
  • Educational programs that foster flexibility, freedom, depth and complexity
  • A learning environment designed to foster creativity and independent learning
  • Learning opportunities which go beyond the normal classroom context
  • Challenging activities which encourage risk taking
  • A sense of belonging by collaborating with like-minded individuals

Is my child EXCEPTIONAL?

Gifted learners often possess:

  • A heightened level of curiosity
  • Capacity to learn at faster rates
  • A wider variety¬†of interests
  • Power of concentration
  • Ability to handle abstract ideas
  • Superior reasoning
  • Flexibility of thinking
  • Ability to see a number of viewpoints
  • Alert and subtle sense of humour
  • Imaginative expression
  • Heightened sensitivity and empathy
  • Leadership skills