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Visitors to Classrooms




  • Walk to the place you are visiting
  • Stand still and wait at the door after you have knocked
  • Walk to the teacher to give your message if you have one
  • Return promptly to your class


  • Knock on the door politely
  • Go in if the teacher is busy
  • Stand where they can see you and wait
  • Say 'Excuse me,' and wait
  • Give your message clearly and politely
  • Ask if there is a reply needed
  • Walk out quietly without disturbing the class
  • Return to your class quickly

If a visitor comes to your class:

  • Sit quietly and continue working
  • Let the teacher talk to the visitor and keep working
  • Let the visitor leave without fuss


  • Follow adult directions
  • Carry your message or equipment to the classroom
  • Wait for a reply if needed
  • Listen to the reply if needed and remember
  • Take a written reply back if needed