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Reflection Room

Reflection room

The Reflection Room at Dubbo Public School is a place where children go to resolve incidents that occur in the playground. If your child is sent to the reflection room they are not necessarily in trouble and they are never there to be punished. Any child is welcome in reflection room at any time during the year, if they show the correct behaviour and demonstrate being a safe, respectful learner.

Reflection Room is a place for:

-> Discussion about an incident

-> Investigation of an incident (your child may be asked to attend Reflection Room as a witness to an incident)

-> Implementing consquences for actions

-> Learning about taking ownership of behaviour

-> Discussion and implementation of strategies to avoid the same incident reoccuring

-> A place where a student can reflect on his/her behaviour and make better behaviour choices

-> A safe place for a students to spend their lunch times


-> Are informed if their child has attended the planning room when they have displayed inappropriate behaviour in the form of a note.

-> A note indicates that the student has been spoken to and the incident has been resolved in the reflection room. The return note at the bottom must be signed and returned to school. This indicates the incident has been closed. The incident is recorded on the school's welfare system and may be used to establish a pattern of behaviour if a similar incident occurs.

-> In some instances, a phone call to parents/carers may be required to discuss an incident.

-> Serious misbehaviour may result in further action, as outlined in the Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy.

The Reflection Room Teachers

The planning room teachers may, at times, use discretion to provide the best possible outcome for all students involved in each incident. Every incident is thoroughly investigated and all students are treated fairly and objectively.

Reflection room is NOT a place for punishment. Students who enter the Reflection Room are given an opportunity to provide their side of the story and teachers make decisions based on the best interests of all students involved.

All staff work together to ensure all students who are placed in the planning room are safe and all students on the playground are safe.

If your child is placed on a level - they are not being punished. The levels are designed to ensure that students are accountable for their behaviour and they are given support to successfully return to the playground or classroom choosing the correct behaviours.