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Road safety

Dubbo Public School welcomes safe and careful road users. The main entrance to the school is on Darling Street.


Traffic flow around the school is generally busy, but becomes increasingly busy just prior to and just after school hours.

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Naturally, it is at these times when our students are most at risk and it becomes important to exercise great care when travelling within the school zone.


The roadway at the side of the school (Wingewarra Street) is either designated as a bus zone or no stopping area during set times, making it illegal to stop or park a vehicle during these times.

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There is no onsite parking. Vehicle access gates are located around the school grounds and are strictly for delivery and/or work vehicles. These gates are sign-posted to restrict unauthorised vehicle access. 

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The traffic light pedestrian crossings are located on both Darling and Wingewarra Streets are always operational.   The school also borders Carrington Avenue.  There is no designated pedestrian crossing on Carrington Avenue.

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Two teachers supervise afternoon bus duty and the exit of these students from the school grounds.

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There are three pedestrian access gates. One on Carrington Avenue, one on Darling Street and on Wingewarra Street. To the left of the main gate there is a traffic light intersection pedestrian crossing. An executive teacher is on duty at the Darling Street (known as the walkers' gate) supervising afternoon departure and the exit of students from the school grounds.

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The majority of students travel to school by car or by bus. Some students walk, while others ride a bike or scooter.

Bicycles and scooters are permitted. Students must wear helmets when riding bikes and scooters to and from school. Bikes and scooters are to be locked in the bike shed as soon as students arrive and should not be ridden within the school grounds.


There is limited parking outside the school on Darling Street. Please note this parking area is a Kiss and Go Zone between certain hours on school days. There is also a disability parking space directly outside the main entrance on Darling Street.

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Road safety education at Dubbo Public School is integral to the safety and well-being of our students. A whole-school approach is about our school, students, parents and carers working together to implement road safety education. It involves integrating the areas of curriculum, policy and environment with parents and community. 


Safety Hints and Tips:

  • DO allow plenty of time at pick up and drop off times to arrive / leave school
  • DO cross Darling Street ONLY at the traffic light pedestrian crossing
  • DO cross Wingewarra Street ONLY at the traffic light pedestrian crossing
  • DO hold your child's hand when crossing the road
  • DO encourage your child to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK at pedestrian crossings
  • DO drop your child off by the kerb and drive off to allow other parents to do the same
  • DO ask all children to get out of the car through the "safety door" (rear door nearest to the footpath)
  • DO be patient and respectful to other road users
  • DO buckle up every time (driver and passengers included)


  • DO NOT talk on your mobile phone while driving/walking around the school
  • DO NOT leave your car parked in a No Parking or No Stopping zone
  • DO NOT park and block private driveways
  • DO NOT drop your kids off or pick them up:
    • while double or triple parked
    • by stopping in the middle of the road
  • DO NOT stop or block traffic to wave goodbye or watch your child walk in to school
  • DO NOT drive into the school grounds or any staff car park (even in rainy weather)
  • DO NOT encourage or allow a Learner driver to drive around school
  • DO NOT encourage your child to run across the road to get into your car